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123 Movies allows anyone to watch online movies and TV shows without any account registration and advertisements. Watching free movies online is really easy as we made sure you get to watch what you search for free and without any hassles.
An overview with an assessment of the most important providers on the market can be found here: Comparison of streaming services and practical test: The best online movies streaming site in 2021
In its short career as a streaming provider, 123movies has already made a name for itself with much acclaimed in-house productions. Among them is “The Man in the High Castle” and “Mozart in the Jungle”. The biggest success so far has been “Transparent”
123movie offers films and series both as subscriptions and as individual purchases and rentals. The platform has this in common with maxdome , the largest streaming movies store in Germany. Most other providers focus on just one model. With Netflix or Sky Ticket, for example, there are only subscriptions, with Google Play Movies & Series and movies load only single purchase and rental.
But the biggest international name in streaming movies stores is Netflix. The company is a pioneer because it dared to produce series for the first time and primarily for the Internet.
The strategy was successful. Netflix in-house productions such as “House of Cards”, “Orange is the New Black” or “Stranger Things” are popular with audiences and critics. Every success in turn supports the brand and attracts serial fans to the platform. This convinces with its user-friendliness and the principle of cost-transparent, monthly subscriptions.
This makes Netflix the main competitor to 123movies. But movies123 is working hard to catch up on what is necessary. The streaming offer only emerged from the takeover of Love film in 2014 – Netflix has been streaming since 2007. Our Netflix test reveals more about the platform.
The strongest selling point of 123 movie is the additional advantages of a 123movies membership: free and fast shipping of 123movies orders, music streaming, online photo management, cloud storage and more. Depending on how and to what extent you use 123movies, this can quickly pay off.


various additional 123movies benefits
Exclusive 123movies Originals
Top-class films with no extra cost
Extended program with third-party channels
Offline use with iOS and Android


Many movies contain only one language version
123movies does not name an official number of films and series offered. I wouldn’t give too much to the sheer number either, because more important is the quality and the consistency with your own taste.

123movies has 38438 movies, including 5631 TV Shows and 221964 total episodes. And this is huge.

As far as content quality is concerned, a subscription here as elsewhere is more interesting for series fans than film fans. Because you tend to watch series more often than films. On the other hand, because the program contains high-quality titles – including the so-called “123movies Originals”, in other words, in-house productions that cannot be found anywhere else.
Outside of the 123movies package, you can find most of the latest films and series on 123movies, but you have to pay for them individually. This usually affects all Hollywood blockbusters that are just appearing on movies.
It is a pity that a lot of content from 123movies movies does not offer the possibility to switch between different audio versions and subtitles.

Click here for movies and series

On the home page, the multiple horizontal menus are a bit confusing:
You can also use 123movies’s search function at any time to find films and series of your interest. Streaming movies appear in the search results list like other articles.

Movies details

The detailed pages of the individual titles are not designed too richly or lovingly, but the necessary information is available.
Key data and a brief summary of “The Equalizer”
The table of contents is short and only the three or four most important actors are listed. But okay, those who are on the Internet can also google or call up the film directory IMDB.
You can now start the film with the “Watch Now” button at the bottom or the play symbol on the right.
There is a big difference between 123movies movies in the browser and in the app: You can also download movies on the mobile device to watch them offline.
You can find the download button in the single title view directly below the one for playing. It cannot be overlooked. Here I have already started the download, as the small progress bar shows:
Before downloading, you still have the option to choose one of four different quality levels. This can be useful if the connection is slow or your data quota is tight.
Completely downloaded films or series can be found in the pull-down menu under “Downloads”.
Quality levels with indication of the approximately required storage space
You will find everything important in the menu
Support: Partly outdated sites, good free hotline
123movies has well-developed help pages for 123movies. However, some of these contain outdated information. This is probably because 123movies has restructured its streaming service several times since its inception.
I had to search for a moment to find the way to contact me. Of course, 123movies is interested in its customers first trying to solve their problems themselves using the help pages. Therefore, the prepared pages are in the foreground.
To get to the contact option, click on “Help” in the horizontal main menu, then on “Do you need further help?” And finally on “Contact us”.
Since I received individual help very quickly, I can only rate the support as excellent.
123movies is undoubtedly an excellent streaming service compared to the competition. In our test, it is just ahead of Netflix and is the test winner.

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