American Dreams

Set to the soundtrack of the '60s, a Philadelphia family moves toward the cultural upheaval in the years ahead. The Pryors' teen daughter Meg tries to shed her "good girl" image by hanging ...

Genre: Drama

Actor: Ethan Dampf

Director: Josh Goldstein

Country: USA

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2002

IMDb: 7.5

Season 1 - American Dreams
29 Sep 2002
"Meg Pryor's lifelong dream is to dance on the iconic 1960s television series, American Bandstand (1952), and along with her adventurous confidante, Roxanne Bojarski, the 15-year-old's ..."
06 Oct 2002
"The Pryors try to deal with the Kennedy assassination. Meg deals with making the cut for American Bandstand (1952) and Roxanne being jealous about it."
13 Oct 2002
"Sam deals with the negative reaction by East Catholic's track team. Helen has to make time for school and home. Meg handles Teresa McManus' jealousy and rumors about she and Jimmy Riley being more than dance partners on _\"Bandstand\" (1952)"
20 Oct 2002
"Meg has her date with Jimmy Riley that includes going to the cinema and ends with Sam having to walk her home. J.J. gets two left feet as he takes Beth to a college mixer."
27 Oct 2002
"Jimmy (still sporting a shiner from their first date) asks Meg to be his partner on Bandstand. A Notre Dame recruiter is interested in JJ..."
03 Nov 2002
"Meg appears in the American Bandstand (1952) magazine and uses her new fame to get Jay of Jay and the Americans for a party. Jack relives his World War II experiences with his old Navy buddies."
10 Nov 2002
"Meg is angry to hear Luke, the new record shop employee, criticising the music that she is about to buy. Elsewhere, a sudden cancellation of his deal to supply a hotel with all of their new..."
17 Nov 2002
"While preparing for the city championships, J.J. discovers some of Philadelphia's police officers have offered his teammates money to throw the game (although Tommy denies it at first), ..."
01 Dec 2002
"As the Christmas season takes place, Meg decides to spend more time with Luke, venturing to the rough streets of North Philly (with Roxanne) to hear him play with a local Church choir. ..."
15 Dec 2002
"No description"
12 Jan 2003
"Meg gets two Cs on her report card and Helen, more concerned about it than Jack is, thinks it would be a good idea for Meg to accompany her to her Temple class. Meg dislikes the idea, but ..."
03 Feb 2003
"In the aftermath of his confession to Beth, J.J. struggles to put their relationship back together again, but quickly realizes that it might be too little too late. Elsewhere, Meg strikes ..."
09 Feb 2003
"Preparing for the East Catholic High School Valentine's Day dance, Meg tries to convince her boyfriend Luke of the importance of the holiday, while Roxanne waits for a brave boy to ask her ..."
16 Feb 2003
"In the first track meet of the season, J.J. and Sam square off to determine who will race one of the fastest runners in the city, creating a newfound relationship between this unlikely pair..."
02 Mar 2003
"Helping a classmate recover after the sudden loss of her unborn child, Helen is caught off-guard when she learns the truth behind the woman's loss, forcing her to wrestle with her own ..."
09 Mar 2003
"Celebrating a Pryor family tradition, Jack and Uncle Pete make their annual trip to the cemetery to tend to their father's grave, only to be joined by an unexpected visitor: their elder ..."
16 Mar 2003
"Making an appearance to sign autographs at the Vinyl Crocodile, Meg struggles with her lingering feelings for her ex-boyfriend Luke and her rekindled interest in American Bandstand (1952) ..."
30 Mar 2003
"In the midst of a special memory lane American Bandstand (1952), Meg copes with a hostile Bobby Darin, while attempting to help roving columnist Roxanne land an interview with the hit ..."
"No description"
13 Apr 2003
"Meg and Roxanne are chosen for East Catholic's Prom Committee. Their assignment: get \"cool\" seniors onto the American Bandstand (1952) set so they can take candid photos known as \"senior ..."
27 Apr 2003
"J.J.'s senior prom is coming up but he's not going because Colleen has made him another offer. Then he hears from Beth. In other prom-related doings, Meg's new friend Carol invites her - ..."
04 May 2003
"June 19, 1964: Jim Bunning's on the mound for the Phillies and the Pryors have just begun their annual Wildwood vacation. Roxanne isn't with them because she's still mad at a ..."
11 May 2003
"J.J., tender ankle and all, arrives at Lehigh to begin football practice. And Roxanne, who's still on the outs with Meg, meets someone she has been on the outs with for eight years: her ..."
"In the season finale, racial tensions begin to flare in North Philly sparking a massive riot, while an oblivious Meg (Brittany Snow) makes final preparations for her sweet sixteen birthday party. Unaware of the violent situation building around her, Meg attempts to save her friendship with Sam (Arlen Escarpeta), visiting him at the new store, and finds herself in the middle of the urban chaos. Elsewhere, an angry Nathan (guest star Keith Robinson) who helped incite the violence, urges the enraged rioters forward, while Pete (guest star Matthew John Armstrong) and the rest of Philadelphia's finest race to quell the disturbance. Meanwhile, a defeated JJ (Will Estes) returns from Lehigh after being kicked off the football team and makes a surprising announcement to Jack (Tom Verica) and Helen (Gail O'Grady) about his future, while Michael Brooks (Joe Lawrence) reveals the possibility he might be leaving \"\"Bandstand\"\" for a new record-producing gig in California. R&B sensation Kelly Rowland"
Season 2 - American Dreams
28 Sep 2003
"Meg begins to question her feelings for Sam as he defends a friend who is being bullied because of his race. Michael Brooks announces that he is leaving American Bandstand (1952). Helen explores surgery for Will."
05 Oct 2003
"Jack has banned Meg from American Bandstand (1952) after she helps Sam. Meg also struggles with her feelings for Sam. J.J. continues his boot camp training as Helen continues to explore surgery for Will."
12 Oct 2003
"Helen heads to New York with Nancy, Pete's new girlfriend, and gets a new view on womanhood. Patty learns a harsh lesson on her first day of high school. Meg goes to her first college party..."
19 Oct 2003
"Helen realises the pressure of being a working mother at the travel agency. Beth visits J.J. at Camp Lejeune with interesting results. Meg does a book report on a banned book."
"No description"
02 Nov 2003
"Lenny wants to take his relationship with Roxanne to another level. J.J. discovers his mystery woman, Diane, is the wife of one of his superiors. Jack wants Helen to quit her job when Will's surgery is paid through the March of Dimes."
16 Nov 2003
"Roxanne reveals that she is leaving school to join Lenny on his tour. Meg and Drew's first date ends in failure. J.J. reveals to the family where he is stationed for the next six months. ..."
23 Nov 2003
"Meg and Drew go on a double date to Lenny's concert as J.J. deals with Beth and Vietnam. Pete's drinking is pushing Nancy away. Sam takes an interest in Malcolm X."
30 Nov 2003
"J.J. and Beth celebrate their engagement as their mothers fight about everything. JJ tells Meg what he really thinks about her relationship with Drew. Roxanne is starting to lose interest in the tour but not Lenny."
04 Jan 2004
"Jack and Henry discover the store has been robbed. Sam fights with the choice between Yale and Howard University. J.J. meets Jimmy Riley, Meg's former dance partner on American Bandstand (1952), in the hospital in Vietnam."
11 Jan 2004
"When Drew comes over for dinner, Jack hates him. J.J. has his first gun fight in Vietnam and Patty seeks her first bra."
18 Jan 2004
"J.J. befriends a Vietnamese family whose village was destroyed. The Pryors make a care package for J.J. along with an audio reel. Meg exposes Drew's secrets about cheating on her and breaks..."
"No description"
22 Feb 2004
"J.J. gets to see Nancy Sinatra perform in Vietnam to help deal with the death of an enemy soldier. Will gets a paper route. Henry's quest for a business hits a snag."
07 Mar 2004
"Meg is upset to discover Roxanne and Luke are dating each other. Pete gets cold feet at his wedding. Sam and Angela dislike Henry's new girlfriend Annie."
"No description"
21 Mar 2004
"J.J. learns the fate of one of his friend Danny's brother as Patty crashes the family car. Beth reveals her pregnancy to her parents."
28 Mar 2004
"Nathan is drafted and Sam seeks Meg's help in getting Drew to talk to him. Jack considers his political future. Beth decides her and her baby's future."
"As the anti-war movement gains momentum, Meg and Sam get caught in the crossfire at an anti-war rally and finds themselves taking a stand that may have severe consequences in their future. Jack also takes a stand on Beth and her marital status as he begins his campaign for city councilman. Helen makes a shocking discovery at work and Patty , disappointed with her first date, turns to Roxanne for advice. Meanwhile, JJ and his squad are surrounded by the Viet Cong and under heavy gunfire when they are told they will not be receiving backup and will be on their own"