Catch a Contractor

Follows Adam Carolla, along with no-nonsense contractor Skip Bedell and his wife, investigator Alison Bedell, as they seek retribution for wronged homeowners.

Genre: Reality

Actor: Skip Bedell , Alison Bedell

Country: USA

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 7.5

Season 1 - Catch a Contractor
"A family must sleep on the living room floor after shifty contractor Jose ripped their home apart and split. Can Adam Carolla and Skip drag Jose back to the scene of the crime to fix his mess?"
"Open sewer pipes and insect infestations caused by shoddy contractor Avi are now making the homeowners sick. Can Adam Carolla and Skip hunt him down and force him to fix the disaster he created?"
"Shady contractor Pedro claimed to be a jack-of-all-trades, but instead he jacked up everything he touched. Will his hack job prevail or can Carolla and Skip bring justice to the family he screwed over?"
"Preppy contractor Jeff converted a structurally sound home into a dangerous death trap when he removed a load bearing wall. Can Adam and Skip get him back to secure the house before it collapses?"
"A Los Angeles home is abandoned, leaving its homeowners and 15 month old baby in perpetual danger. But this ambush takes a twist when Adam Carolla and Skip discover the real truth."
"Unlicensed contractor Myron, turned his former neighbors kitchen into a dangerous fire hazard. Will Adam Carolla and Skip get him to man up, face the family and fix his mistakes?"
"Smooth-talking Johnny promised the Scott\u2019s a new bathroom & abandoned them half way through, leaving them with dangerously exposed electrical wires. Will it be lights out for Johnny when Adam and Skip ambush him?"
"The Goodes wanted a 1\/2 bath, laundry room and chicken coop for Cluck Norris and his hen friends. Carolla and Skip wade thru a pile of excuses and backyard full of chicken poop to confront contractor Manny."
"Vance told grieving widow Valerie that he was a contractor. He said he would build a stabile art studio for her, but all of his shoddy work needs to be re-done, and he\u2019s been dodging Valerie for months. Will Vance do the same to Adam and Skip?"
"Unlicensed contractor Jeff turned Chris & Damian\u2019s backyard, front yard and dreams of a bedroom balcony into a nightmare and unsafe disaster zone. What happens when Adam & Skip confront the hapless handyman?"
"Kathy hired contractor Randy to update her condo. He left her with appliances in the living room, a dangerous fireplace and hundreds of excuses. What happens when Adam & Skip confront Randy and his lies?"
Season 2 - Catch a Contractor
"Adam and Skip go after one of the most deceitful contractors ever. After adopting 4 kids, a family trusted a high school friend to expand their kitchen, but he took their money, their appliances, and their trust."
"A couple needed to build a deck to expand their tiny home and a retaining wall to keep the house from sliding down the hill. Instead, they got a part-time stripper and a fulltime liar who\u2019s horrible work is ready to collapse!"
"After ruining a young couple's yard and their plans to start a family, contractor Ray proves hard to catch. Skip and Adam try to bring Ray back to the job!"
"Adam & Skip hunt for a reckless contractor that left a family in danger and their backyard torn-up, upturned stakes that look like booby traps, and a 20\u2019 drop with no safety fence!"
"A contractor Adam and Skip have busted before is back at it again; after betraying his fellow former marine, angry words explode into a brawl."
"After escaping a war-torn country, one family's contractor turns their home into a combat zone; cooking in a tent and living in one room."
"After a family spends nearly $100,000 they are left with no roof and a missing contractor."
"After a fire nearly consumed a couple's home a contractor stole their money; Adam and Skip try to put the flames out on this nightmare."
"A contractor fails to finish a family's roof, forcing them out of their home; Adam and Skip try to get the contractor to return and do it right."
"A couple trusts their contractor friend until he wrecks their condo and vanishes with their cash."
Season 3 - Catch a Contractor
"A family is torn apart after their contractor rips out two bathrooms and flees with the money. Adam and Skip try to track down a mystery individual who may be able to bring the contractor to justice and mend the family."
"A family\u2019s plans for a dream backyard turns into a construction nightmare after their contractor flees the job. All hell breaks loose just as the shady contractor is in their sight."
"A woman renovates her home so she can care for her ailing father, but hires two contractors that run away with her 57 thousand dollars and leave behind a disaster. Things explode when confronting the contractors."
"A family of six is cooked after a contractor destroys their kitchen and leaves their staircase in shambles. Adam, Skip and the producers find out that getting the contractor to the sting house won\u2019t be an easy feat."
"Two brothers hired to build a single father's man cave are chased down for their disastrous work."
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"A family is left to cook meals in a microwave and clean dishes with the garden hose; trying to find the hack contractor to finish the job."