Da Vinci's Inquest

A Vancouver cop turned coroner searches for truth and justice with the help of his friends.

Genre: Crime , Drama

Director: Chris Haddock

Country: Canada

Duration: 44 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1998

IMDb: 8.1

Season 1 - Da Vinci's Inquest
"Da Vinci, Leary and Sunny are in Seattle at a conference, and are shocked to discover similar cases across the Pacific Northwest, that appears to include the death Da Vinci is currently working to solve."
Season 2 - Da Vinci's Inquest
"Larry Williams is out on bail. Da Vinci and the police must find evidence that will put him behind bars before his fantasies lead him to kill."
Season 3 - Da Vinci's Inquest
"No description"
Season 4 - Da Vinci's Inquest
"Zack calls in Da Vinci when a body is found in the trunk of a car at the scene of an accident. Shannon and Leary investigate the death of a man found in the Stanley Park Zoo's deserted bear pit."
"No description"
Season 5 - Da Vinci's Inquest
"Shannon and Leary investigate the death of a woman whose body is found in the trunk of her car. Meanwhile, Da Vinci and Kosmo deal with a single, welfare mother."
Season 6 - Da Vinci's Inquest
"Da Vinci prepares for his interview in front of the police board. Meanwhile, Shannon investigates the murder of an American journalist."
Season 7 - Da Vinci's Inquest
"Da Vinci gathers his political allies hoping to emerge as a front-runner for mayor. Meanwhile, Leary races to arrest Will's murderer before the DEA can slip him across the border, and a body in a burned-out car and an arson fire at Kosmo's house may be ominously connected."